Kallari Association has demonstrated that the revolutionary concept of local food applies to chocolate. Kallari cacao beans spend only three months between harvest and destination. This comparative freshness of the beans guarantees higher quality flavor to the consumer.

Chocolate that is four times as fair as ‘Fair Trade':

Kallari's story is a giant leap ahead of standard Fair Trade practices, as it achieves higher levels of solidarity and income for all the families involved. The world at large benefits through participation; while perhaps paying a bit more for a little taste of heaven, end consumers of Kallari chocolate play a small role in increasing the standard of living in a developing nation, and in are in return rewarded with a higher quality product.


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Kallari Chocolate Lounge, E4-266 Wilson & Juan Leon Mera, Sector La Mariscal, Quito, Ecuador
Tele: (011-593-2) 223 - 6009